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The Times for both festival days on 7th-8th of May (Sat and Sun) is 
8a.m. to 8p.m.
You may also see the events and entertainment menu for the schedules of activities on the website. 
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Anticipate Festival Traffic Flaggers to guide you to the reroutes along route 2 north and south of the Mango Festival Grounds (Agat Mayors Office & Sagan Bisita). The proposed reroute is available here. This reroute is subject to change so please follow the traffic flaggers instructions  and drive carefully.

Parking is available along the side of the roads. Suggested parking areas are now available for viewing on the menu under directions submenu parking.
Arts & Crafts

Each year CAHA, Guams Council on the Arts and Humanities Agency has brought local artists to participate in the event. It is one of the great opportunities to meet our local artists and to see and buy some of their works of art. See Vendors page for last years participants.


This year's smoothie sampling will be provided courtesy of McDonald's.

Plant Sales

You can expect farmers and plant growers to showcase and sell their various plants on display.

Chopped Mango

The Results of the Mango Festivals Culinary "Chopped" Competition is here and the winning results are in. Congratulations to the winners.

Dessert Contest 

Judges of the Dessert Contest.

See the results of the Mango Dessert Contest Winners.

Festival Schedule is now available under events and entertainment on the menu. Hours of the festival are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

At the festival, you will find helpful traffic guides to assist you. Ample parking is available along the side of the road and a transport cart to drive you to the Festival Entrance. 

Festival Guide is now available. The guide is a general layout of the various event locations. By viewing the guide you can locate the contest arena, the dessert and culinary contest area, stage for entertainment, the various booths/concession booths, pickled mango and mango smoothie booths.  Please see Guide on the menu.

Mango Display

Mangoes! Mangoes everywhere. That's what you'll see at the mango festival. 

Planters, growers, hobbiest of mangoes are gearing up for this year's contest and challenges that will be judged and displayed at the Festival. 

Who will be the owner of the island's biggest island grown Mango for 2016? Every season brings us surprising results. Be there to see who wins this crown. Biggest is just one of the many categories. 

Visit Festival highlites 

To Experience the Mango Festival, visit the Festival Hilites on the menu to see the various activities.  We are in the process of uploading the festival photos. 

You will also have an opportunity to reminesce the previous years festivities too!

cultural dance

Bizzare mangoes

Miss Mango

Mango Jam


Each year the Mango Festival feature the talents of our island people. From  Chamorro Cultural Music through modern day variety of genre, the entertainment is shared to the attendees of the festival. See schedule for your favorite local artist participating during the festival.

Get your Tickets

Get your raffle ticket to win wonderful prizes..  

After the event, we will post the winning ticket numbers. See the results on the Raffle Tickets Results is found in the menu Festivities 2016 / Raffle Results.

2k 5k Mango Run!

The Mango Run is now available for viewing  in our  Mango Run Photo Gallery. Please see the  menu above and select Mango  Run and Gallery 2016.

For Families and Serious Runners, The Mango Festival 's Mango Run will be a healthy way to enjoy an early sunday morning run.  

For casual walkers , the 2k fun walk and run would be a perfect opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and scenic beachside view  of the seashore.

For runners serious about tracking time or making a personal best, the Guam Runner's Club  officiates this sanctioned event for the 2k/5k run.

Runners & Walkers will initially gather at the Sagan Bisita at 5am. After warm up and registration,
runners/walkers will proceed to the race starting point. The start point is the main road in front of Sagan Bisita.
From the start line proceed south towards the Agat Marina Boat Basin, follow the turn around half way marker proceeding
back to Sagan Bisita through the finish line. This course has a mild incline, decline and most of the course is flat.
There will be water points along the raceway.

Pickled Mango Demonstration and Sampling

At the festival, you will find a variety of booths; Arts & Crafts, Demonstrations, Displays, and Vendors - offering food, gift ideas, refreshments, and more.  

Keeping with the Mango theme, each booth is decorated and vendors compete for the best decorated booth presenting the mango theme. 

Mango Contest

Be sure and participate in the various games and  contests. Above, Mayor Tayama gives  a briefing on the contest rules and guidelines before the start of the the start of the Mango Bobbing Contest. In addition to Mango bobbing, you can expect other fun games for all ages to be present. An opportunity to win prizes and gifts courtesy of our sponsors and donations from the community. Whether your young or young at heart. The Mango Games and contests will sure to entertain spectators and participants.

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